New allotment plot

Today is Tuesday. I was too busy at work on Monday and over the weekend despite it being glorious weather: I was also too busy having fun with the little one at the adventure playground. So, tonight was my only chance to go to the allotment before the weather breaks tomorrow.

I left the house at around about 19:15 and got to the allotment around about half past. The place was packed: there were probably 50 runners outside the gates —  I had forgotten it was the 4th Tuesday of the month and it was the running club’s big event. That coupled with the nice weather had brought them all out in force.

I did however manage to get a parking spot right outside the gates, and not run anybody over with the car, so there was no problem.

As I walked inside, all the internal gates were closed which meant that nobody was in the allotment. It was a lovely evening I couldn’t believe nobody was down tonight and when I got inside I was the only person there!


I had four potatoes that had started to grow in a paper bag; some potatoes we hadn’t eaten and had left on the shelf for the past week. I dug four small holes and put them in.

I also covered up the four lines of main potatoes that had grown in the past week and then.. well there was nothing really left to do. All the rest of the plot was ok.

I was about to pack up and go home when the chairman of the allotment arrived in his car. I stayed for a chat. Before long he was walking around and looking at all the allotment spaces that haven’t been touched this year… there are a couple next to mine that have grown probably waist height and have totally gone to seed already.


Against the wall, at the back of my allotment plot is a very long piece of land which has been growing weeds for the past year… the suggestion was that he was going to put weed killer down to stop it from seeding the neighbouring plots.

I had been looking for another plot of land and this one was right next to mine and big enough to grow potatoes.. and probably leeks. I was also looking for some more exercise, (better than a gym membership) so I agreed to take on the long plot next to the wall on the border of the allotment. It would be a lot of work at first sight but good for growing the big stuff.

After a short inspection however, it looked as though the weeds were just surface weeds and could be pulled out very easily, also as a bonus there was a large rhubarb plant (well established) and a large gooseberry bush that I had noticed was always full of gooseberries every year. Finally there was a big compost heap in the middle. That would be good once the place was clear.

I will definitely need to buy a strimmer now for certain.

My allotment plot was doing fine however … the rhubarb was growing well (although I am not picking it until next year), the beetroot have done exceptionally well and are growing very strongly… the onions look very healthy and the horseradish is growing (like a weed) in its bucket… there really wasn’t much work to do on my plot apart from scraping out a few small weeds

The only thing not doing very well was the peas, although it was said that the nights are still too cold and the ground isn’t warm enough, but that can only improve over the next month so all they have to do is hang on.


As I packed up for the evening, the bell in the clock tower next to the main house chimed 9 o’clock and as I looked up, the swallows and swifts were darting around above my head catching insects. The sun was starting to go down and the blue sky was turning pink beyond the church. It was very quiet.

I wondered why there are only two people here tonight why would anybody want to stay inside on an evening like this?

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