My day off work

Today the gas man was supposed to be coming to fix the boiler. What fun. I had to take the day off work to make sure somebody was in when he called,  some time between midday and 6 p.m.

However that day was transformed after it was fixed earlier in the week. What would have been a dull day inside was turned into a fantastic day, blue sky, white clouds, sunny warm weather, birds flying overhead… Several hours at the allotment.

I took the chance to clean up the new allotment. I started by pulling out more large wild fennel plants than I could carry in more than three trips to the compost heap. Then I quickly realised it would have taken, quite possibly, all year to clear the lot,  and then I would have probably had to start again. So instead,  I cleared a large patch next to the big rhubarb plant and gooseberry bush and I pulled out the WMD.


I drenched the remaining part of the weeds in Roundup. With the weather being so sunny and hot I expect it to have dried within a couple of hours and for the effect to take hold within a few days. I hope the sunny weather holds out until the plants and weeds soak up the weed killer,  that will see them off quicker.


After that, I got the lawn mower out of the shed and ran it around the borders and next to my new plot which was overgrown.

A couple of weeds had popped up so I pulled those out between all of the plants the onions,  beetroot, kohlrabi, parsnips…  It all looked a lot better after the surface weeds had been removed.

My allotment looks the neatest it has ever looked. Also, this year I don’t recall taking any bags of weeds home with me.  Last year it was mostly weeds every single time. So far I have only taken big stems of juicy rhubarb home. In fact as I drove home afterwards, on the seat next to me was a large pile of red rhubarb stems. Those would do nicely for tonight’s desert.


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