Tomato planters are in at home

A few weekends ago I put some hanging baskets up in the back garden, then I lined them with a couple of plastic bags, to retain the water, and filled them with compost and three Tumbling Tom seedlings.


Without a doubt they will be overloaded with tomatoes in the coming months. Three seedlings per basket is probably too many,  I usually only put 2 plants in each basket and that keeps me in enough tomatoes for every single meal all week.

This year I have definitely overdone it. I have two hanging baskets with three plants in each. I expect to give most of the tomatoes away to the neighbours. But I guess it is just another experiment to see how things turn out.


The weather down at the allotment this evening is superb. I stopped off on the way home from work briefly so I could sprinkle some slug pellets, but when I arrived the car boot contained everything, wellies, shears, plant food, except slug pellets. I had forgotten to pack them! I walked in anyway and ended up just covering another potato plant that had come through since yesterday!


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