One and a half hours of digging up half a bed of potatoes

The potatoes that I dug up this evening were half of my main crop of King Edward potatoes.

They weren’t very big but the potato plants themselves looks like they had started to die and so I thought it would be best to dig them up. They were just small ones, the biggest I found was just smaller than my fist and the smallest ones were just teeny baby potatoes.

I finished work on time and was at the allotment by 6:30pm. I did about 20 minutes of watering and the time is now 8 o’clock and I am on my way home.

I think that the potatoes have done quite well. I got half a trug full of potatoes, even if they were small. I only dug up half of the main crop there are at least another five of those to come from other lines.

I have given the last half of the main crop of King Edward’s a good watering and soaking tonight and I intend to leave them until they have completely died before digging them up and seeing how far they got. Hopefully they should be a little larger although with the amount of potatoes I have just dug up I will not be short of a few meals and so I will just wait to see how they will come out

The onion’s seem to have recovered –whatever it was the chairman sprayed on my onions has done the trick and it has killed the mildew and blight. They are thriving again. The other parts of the allotment are doing OK. The kohlrabi is coming along nicely and the beetroot are growing quite well. I hope I will visit the allotment again this week to dig up a row of the “first earlies” to see how those potatoes have got on.


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