Early Saturday morning weeding trip

It was an early start this morning I was already awake by the time the sun has risen the round about 4:50 so by about 6 o’clock I decided it would be a really good time to go to the allotment and finish the weeding which I’ve not done for the past month

The whole place looks fantastic now

By 8 o’clock I already packed up and I was on my way home I’ve not been down to the allotment this early in the morning really for a few years and all the swifts and swallows or all darting above my head grabbing their breakfast out of the way on the wing

Some of the potatoes have recovered and I haven’t dug any up although I think most of them are ready now

The beetroot are doing very well now that I have removed all of the weeds surrounding them.. you couldn’t tell which were weeds and which were beetroot before I started,  but now they look great

The onion’s have possibly done the best they…  look very good and have started to grow about the size of my fist (not quite yet but almost) however it looks like a tinge of onion blight has started, so I will have to keep an eye on them and go again tomorrow just to be sure

I feel that this is probably onion blight. The leaves have started to go a mouldy colour I imagine I will be pulling them all up pretty soon,  but they did quite well anyway


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