Onions are doing well and potatoes are dying back

It’s been least three weeks and probably the hottest temperatures for 40 years and I’ve not been able to make it down to the allotment at all. It’s not a coincidence I suppose.  I have been out enjoying myself with the little one…  down to the beach and plenty of parks…  it’s not being a total loss has it! at least not for me, perhaps a little bit for the allotment and the potatoes. 

But tonight I at least managed a trip to do a little bit of watering and just to check to make sure things were still alive: they were,  just ever so slightly in the case of the potatoes. The onions on the other hand are excellent. 

I only spent around 15 minutes doing the watering. Some of the weeds had grown up to waist height, so I got rid of those. There were not very many weeds though. Most of the potatoes are beginning to die back which would suggest I should start digging them up. The onions however are looking really good although I think they need weeding in between the plants a little. I need to plan an evening weeding and a day at the weekend digging… soon


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