A Saturday night trip to plant leek and parsnip seeds

A Saturday evening trip to the allotment between 7 and 9pm to plant my seed tape which I had been meaning to plant for about 2 months. It has been a beautiful day and we had spent most of it in the park with the little one,  lots of fun, and I got to read a book while the little one played.  I cooked tea and then made a trip to the allotment to weed between the onions which has seen quite a large amount of growth over the past two weeks (not just in the onions but also in the weeds).

I planted my seed tape for the leeks and parsnips: two lines of seed tape were planted 3 inches below the ground.  Let’s see how this tape thing works –  it is supposed to be resistant to weeds during the germination phase, although some of the other gardeners have said they did not see much happening when they tried it.

I spent about an hour cleaning the small weeds that had sprouted up between the onions. Some of the onions were being strangled and stifled by the weeds which has grown significantly over the past two weeks.  Some of the weeds were wrapped around the onion stems although it doesn’t seem to have affected the onions much and they have really grown. They are doing exceptionally well. 

I spent a couple of hours planting and weeding and then about 15 minutes watering the whole allotment plot. By 9:20pm I am on the way home and the sun is just setting off home. I can leave the allotment to grow for the most part now. I just take care of the onion’s kohlrabi parsnips and leaks.


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