Calling in on the way home from work

Surely this has to be the hottest day of the year so far,  it is gorgeous outside and of course I was in work all day.  So on the way home tonight,  Friday on the eve of the bank holiday weekend,  I decided to stop off at the allotment just to do a bit of watering. 

The gates were closed and the allotment was shut up although that is not unusual,  it just meant that the public had gone home for the day… leaving the evening allotments people. They had not arrived yet. 

I spent around 20 minutes watering everything that needed it. Although it has only been two or three days since I was last here, those days have been exceptionally hot and my new seedlings I planted (the new beetroot seedlings)  definitely would need some water. 

Everything was given a good soaking and I think by the end of it I needed to be cooled off also.  Just 20 minutes in the strength of that sun has made me too warm and I was glad to get back into the car just for the air conditioning.

I should have had a folding chair and an umbrella and a nice cool drink so I could have spent about an hour there before heading home and cooking dinner. 

It promises to be a fantastic bank holiday weekend,  lots of things are planned including garden centre, hair cut,  back garden tidy up, allotment watering and planting, and now I have decided… umbrellas,  folding seats and cool drinks with the peace and quiet. 


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