Tuesday Onions for the 23rd of May 2017

Contrasting with today’s news headlines the day itself is a beautiful sunny summer day. I decided I would spend the last of it down at the allotment. It has been over two weeks since I last managed a trip although the place wasn’t in a bad state.

I spent three hours (until 9 o’clock at night) pulling out of the weeds. My potatoes have all recovered and the three large potato patches are doing excellently.  The rhubarb plants are being left alone now and I won’t be pulling out any rhubarb for the rest of the year but most surprising of all were the onions.  I have many rows and they are growing excellently.

The allotment was empty when I arrived tonight but it soon started to fill up and there must have been about 8 people in the end.  This is possibly the most I’ve seen for two years, and then two helpers from home arrived! Definitely 2 years! This was really nice… the little helper wanted to do some digging but also wanted to visit the rope swing and came armed with cat treats for the garden cat. 

It was a beautiful evening,  very still in the air and the heat of the sun had finished for the day. As we walked back from the rope swing through the Rose Garden we stopped for a while.  The gardens of the main house back on to the allotments and although we are not supposed to go round the garden at night when everybody has gone home, there’s nobody around and the little one always wants to visit the cat and have a go on the rope swing. Can’t say no to that!

By 9 o’clock all the “last Tuesday of the month” runners have disappeared and the sun has started to go down on the horizon. It has a large pink and orange glow. We all head back home in the car and as I turn the engine on, the pips start for 9 o’clock on Radio 4 and we were reminded of today’s news.  For a short while we had forgotten. Then I remember how lucky we really are. 


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