King Edwards are dead long live the King Edwards

It’s been around three weeks (at least three weekends) since I last properly visited the allotment because it’s been quite a few the weekends of Easter travelling and friends visiting. 

Early last week we had quite a severe frost. When I got up in the morning there were there was a thick sheet of ice on my car windscreen that couldn’t be removed without scraping. When I visited the allotment yesterday all of my potatoes had been hit… Badly… Everyone had gone brown and died back. Every single potato had been caught by the frost on that one morning.

After speaking with the neighbour she had also had a similar problem and although she had covered her trees and her flowers, everything had been affected and her potatoes they had all been killed. 

But all is not lost.  Removing the dead parts of the potato plants: the leaves that had gone brown, revealed new shoots underneath. Strong green stems which are still growing on nearly all of the potato plants and so although they will have been put back around a month, they will not have died out altogether. This was good news.

My onions are doing very well and they are growing quite strongly they have not been affected by the frost. I would say that 90% of the bulbs I planted have already sprouted a green shoot. 

Today I got to the allotment at about 11 o’clock and spent two and a half hours removing all of the tiny weeds the little cress pieces that had started to grow. Then I forked over the whole plot just to make it look like it had been cared for.

The time is now 2:30 pm and the weather has just turned — we will be getting a downpour for the rest of the day which is exactly what the ground needs so everything has turned out ok on this bank holiday after all. 


One thought on “King Edwards are dead long live the King Edwards

  1. Same happened on my site (not my plot), loads of potatoes lost. But, same as you, most still have strong green stems and will hopefully spring back into action. I heard on the radio this morning that half the country’s grape vines had been wiped out – not just a ground frost but also an icy air frost that blasted through the country.
    Best wishes


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