It’s been nearly two weeks

It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve been to the allotment: it’s been nice weather. Easter holidays away.  It looks like the hard work I had put in before going seems to have paid off because the allotment is doing really well without me. 

This is exactly what I really wanted to happen. To get to a point where minimal work is required and just let the plants do they still do their stuff.

The potatoes are all doing really well, my early are all coming up already and my main crop is pushing through really well. The last three lines of potatoes are a little bit behind, however that’s exactly what I wanted and the onion lines I put in a couple of weeks ago have started to sprout. 

Tonight was only a 10 minute trip to see what needed to be done during the evenings this week, and apart from some very minor weeding the only major task is to do some watering.  This seems to be the most urgent task because it looks as though it hasn’t rained in the past two weeks. 

So the jobs for after work this week (possibly Friday evening if I can’t manage it during the working week) is to turn up with a small rake for pulling up the weeds and a hose pipe sprinkle connection for watering my patch. 


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