Potatoes are coming up already

Today is Sunday and a most beautiful day… the village is packed with people and quite a few of them walking through the allotments. It is by far the nicest weather we have had this year. Blue sky and scorching temperatures, it has been like this for at least a week. 

Weather just right for the potatoes: they think that summer has arrived and so they have put a spirt on.  The first three rows of potatoes that I dug in a few weeks ago are now all coming through. I promised myself I would not kill them this year and so I have not bothered to cover them up.  I think they will do quite well without me stressing them. 

Although I will not be available for the next couple of weekends because I am busy — I will hope that the warm weather continues and we don’t get a sudden cold snap that kills them with frostbite. 

Two years ago this kind of weather did happen and it snowed a little in April. This may slightly have damaged the crop at that time, although it didn’t affect the potatoes that much really. 

Today I have managed around three hours at the plot,  from about 9:30 to 12:30 and that was enough to cut the border grass area and plant my onion sets. But it didn’t give me enough time to weed around the potatoes which have started to show a few grass seeds and flowery patches. Doing the wedding would have been the best if I could have managed it, but time ran out unfortunately. I will see what effect this slight negligence in a couple of weeks. 


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