King Edward potatoes are in the ground

I have finished digging over the central part of the allotment plot. It is ready for the King Edward main crop, so I put down my potato feed and dug it in. Properly following the instructions now. Hopefully I will not be killing most of my potatoes this year. 

The King Edward potatoes have been sat on the window sill for about 2 weeks. They have chitted quite a bit too much. I left them in the dark too long really, so the chits are quite white and long. Never mind.

Four lines of densely packed King Edward potatoes have gone into the centre of the plot. The first two rows were dug in around 3 inches down and the second two rows are deeper slightly, 6 inches. Maybe they will be growing at a slight offset so they don’t all need to be dug up at the same time.

I am undecided whether I will thin these out later (so they do not complete too much)…  I will see how they get on. Probably I will leave them, I am curious already to find out how they will do. 


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