The best day of the year so far

I was at the allotment for 9 o’clock. It had been a full morning. The time now is 12:30 and I am getting ready to set off home; the sun is high and the sky is blue  it is a beautiful day.

I have done quite enough down at the allotment this morning and have managed to catch up with all the tasks that I had wanted to get done over the winter time. From now on it will be just planting and weeding. 

The last patch of grass has nearly gone. I have left about one square metre so I can put my tools and maybe a picnic rug down,  just in case. It is just a token grass area now.

The plot is officially grass free after 2 years of digging and turning over. 

Spring is definitely here. The daffodils have been in bloom for at least three weeks by the side of the road and the hedgerows and trees are starting to bud and blossom.  From what I have accomplished so far this year it should be an easy time going forward. 


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