Early start on Saturday, removing the compost heap

At last, some dry days arrived this week and the weather forecast has come true for Saturday: dry.

I was up early, 6:30am on Saturday morning and with the car packed by 7am. I was at the allotment shortly after that with my tray of chitted potatoes and salad potatoes that had started to sprout in the cupboards at home

There was a lot of work to do: I intended to get rid of the compost heap which had being rotting down the turf removed from the plot two years earlier. This was going to be quite a big job and would take me all morning to wheelbarrow the soil onto the plot next to the wall (I would then cover that with a tarpaulin).

Everything went to plan but it took me about five hours of work to finish the job.

I am glad this has been finished, it was one of the things I wanted to complete this year. It had been something in waiting for 2 years until the grass had rotted down enough. 

There is only a small amount of grass left on the plot now, and that can be done some time over this year (maybe) when I get to that area of the allotment.


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