Rhubarb transplant

Sunday from 8:30 am in the morning till 11:30 am, I was able to visit the allotments. The past few weekends have been much too busy and evenings are out of the question this time of year, so I took my chance this morning. 

It was lovely and quiet, just me and Robin. Robin is always around when I am digging. There are always some worms to be had when I turn over the ground. In return, Robin sits on my fork handle and sings. As I stop and rest for a moment, I can’t help thinking of my daughter’s school and their politically correct method of describing Robin:”Robin the red-vest”.

The main plot was in a very good state and so I only mixed in some bone meal and then I made an effort to transplant the rhubarb plant that was closest to the path — this was something I had been wanting to do for the past two years. I just got around to it today. 

I severely underestimated the size of its roots which were in some cases as thick as my ankle but it didn’t take more than 15 minutes to move the rhubarb plant 2 feet slightly to the left. It is now in a much better position and it will be easier to reach the edges of the allotment border in future. 

The other rhubarb plants are doing fantastic work and just before leaving at 11:45 am, I pulled off a stem: just to test. It was juicy and tender. My first rhubarb of the year. As I wander down the path back to the car, chewing on my rhubarb stem and looking like a proper gardener, I think about tonight’s dinner. I think I will cook chicken vest for tea. 


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