Polite letter to the allotment holders

Along with the request for the yearly fees, there was a polite letter asking the allotment holders to keep their plots in order. Things have been slipping for the past year or two, and it got especially bad last year.

There was one point last year when I was surrounded by three and a half plots worth of weeds. Part of the reason I took on the extra plot against the wall was to combat one of the weedy sides. That particular side did not have any owner, whereas the other sides did.

It is unfair on other allotment holders who spend days of their time trying to keep the areas clean only to be foiled by seeds from neighbouring weedy plots whose owners have not been seen for months. This year’s letter went on to say that one of the allotment holders had decided to quit because of this reason. 

It is a terrible shame: this allotment is inside a beautiful walled garden and it is a privilege to be able to rent a plot in this area.


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