Covering the plot against the wall

Yesterday was Saturday and I had been to the garden centre to buy some black sheeting so I could cover up the majority of the new plot against the wall. This would help with the workload on my main plot by keeping the weeds down to a minimum until I had a chance to make a proper effort. 

I spent some time this morning clearing the majority of the weeds from half of this area against the wall. I sprinkled some ground-up coffee beans I had got for free from Costa the previous weekend. Although I am not sure how much use these coffee granules are as a good compost. I’m not sure how this will work, it is worth a try.

I pulled up the weeds,  sprinkled over the coffee granules and then forked-over the section of plot to 1 fork level deep. I followed this by putting down the black weed sheeting, pinning it into place and then using some old floorboards to weight it down. 

That side looks a lot better now. I plan to grow flowers on that section this year so I will cut small openings in the black covering and plant some flowers and bulbs… that is the plan. 


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