Sunday lunch

Yesterday I picked quite a few bits and pieces from the allotment, enough in fact to make a good portion for the Sunday lunch.  

Potatoes, parsnips, horse radish and apples.

The potatoes were the last two lines that I had managed to kill earlier in the year, and so the yield was very poor but enough to make a few good meals.

The parsnips had grown excellently and so the majority of those would be given away.

The horseradish which I had corralled into a plastic bin and buried in the allotment had grown as thick as my arm and would go very nicely with a Sunday dinner.

Finally apples from the neighbouring plot had fallen down and rolled all over the top end of my allotment. I exercised the Finders Keepers Rule for wind fall apples and decided they would do very well for apple sauce. 

At least 75% of the produce I dug up yesterday went directly to the girls at the main office: they are always happy to accept potatoes and parsnips. As one of the office staff said,  “we are always glad when you come in and asked us for plastic bags”.

The Sunday dinner went down well and was a good end to the year. The biggest contribution to a home cooked meal yet. Mashed potatoes, honey roast parsnips, apple sauce and horse radish sauce. 


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