Clearing up the allotment weekend

Today is Saturday and it is the tail end of September. As I drive towards the allotment I notice there are leaves from the trees starting to blow around the roads and the houses, just a few but it is a sign of things to come. 

I arrive at 9 in the morning and spend around 3 hours clearing up surface weeds,  mowing the grass surrounding the plot,  and clearing out several of the sunflowers that are dying off. 

The allotment looks a lot clearer without the bamboo canes littering the place and without the light green carpet of weeds dotted around the area… some of the potatoes came out this weekend and a handful of parsnips. The parsnips went to the office staff at the main entrance. They are always glad to get things. Potatoes have plans at home for tonight’s dinner. 

I left the allotment at around 12:30 the place was looking more and more cared for,  but there is still a long haul before the place is ready for winter.


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