The tallest sunflower I have ever grown

Tonight is Wednesday and it has been one of the hottest days of the month, a mini heatwave. I have managed an hour down at the allotment — not even an hour really more like 45 minutes. 

The nights are closing in very rapidly now and although it’s only half past seven, the moon is full and bright and the sky is going dark & showing the pink clouds as the sun sets behind the church. 

I have cleared another 6 or 7 large tubs of weeds from the allotment. It is still quiet a bad growth of weeds, although they are only on the surface now and easy to remove. So I got quite a lot done.

I have collected some of the sunflowers that were beginning to fall over but most impressive of all was the huge 10 foot tall sunflower that is poking over the top of the allotment wall. That is by far the most impressive sunflower I have grown to date. 

The tallest sunflower doesn’t have huge flowers growing at the top, and none down the sides, so in terms of the amount of sunflower crop it is probably the worst sunflower I have ever grown. But the height and strength is what makes it most impressive. 

Bit by bit I am gradually clearing the allotment of its weedy problems… 


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