A crop of potatoes for free

Not so long ago I found some potatoes in the kitchen cupboard that had started to sprout — there were four of them. 

Just to see what would happen I decided to clear a patch down at the allotment, specifically for those potatoes from the cupboard … and tonight I dug them up.

They had done very well and I got a yield of around 7:1 potatoes for each planting spud. Considering I had not taken any care when putting them in the ground, or subsequently, I consider this experiment a success and it will be one that I repeat next year. 

The time is now 8 o’clock and it has started to go dark again, so I have packed up and left the allotment. There are still some weeds to clear but a couple of evenings has made a massive difference to the plot and it has starting to look cared for again. 


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