The allotment cat finds a quiet sunny spot 

There are several cats hanging around the gardens. One patrols the allotment boundary wall and hangs around the entrance. The other, which my little helper calls Elvis, lives towards the church orchard outside the wall. Their territory is quite strictly limited by the walled allotment boundary, so most of the time it is very quiet and there is no conflict.

Tonight is no exception, and I did not notice the allotment cat for about an hour, quietly sleeping the evening away in a sunny spot. I did wonder why the robin didn’t make an appearance, maybe this was the reason. 

More weeds have been removed tonight and the whole place looks a lot better now. I hope the weather holds out for the weekend so I can make a start on my new long plot against the wall — that has started to return to its old ways of overgrowth and needs keeping in check again. 


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