Plenty of weeds and some sunflowers

Tonight it is dark by 8 o’clock and it is a Tuesday night. Plus, for the first time in at least 2 months (I think it must be)  I have finally been able to make it to the allotment. …  oh dear! 

The weekends have been very busy,  as they always are during the summer and while I have been enjoying myself the weeds have also been enjoying themselves.  Tonight I have managed to clear about 1/4 of the weeds from my usual plot. With that estimate in mind it will probably take me another week and a half of evenings to clear the rest: it was quite bad. 

On the other hand, the sunflowers have done spectacularly well and I am taking a bunch home to put in a vase. There is a ready supply of autumn beauty and big yellow sunflowers, so we will not be short of cut flowers for another few weeks.

Even though my little plot looks like it has been growing cress everywhere,  it still wasn’t as bad as some of the other neighbouring plots.  A little bit of work and it won’t be long before it is good as new. It wasn’t all weeds,  weeds,  weeds tonight.  I have a cucumber as well so it has been quite a productive evening. 


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