The tomatoes are coming!

They are coming… There are going to be hundreds of them from my two hanging baskets in the back garden.

I have taken very good care of the plants since I got them as seedlings from my Mum several months ago. Feeding, watering and pruning… Diligently, every night after work. They are easily taking 4 pints of water every evening now.

Over the past few days I have strung up the main stems which have drooped over the sides so much, so heavily laden with fruit, the plants need help to stop the stems from bending over the sides of the hanging baskets. I thought the stems might break at first. 

But now, after all that, it’s the same as usual. Just like beetroot. I’m really going to pay for all that effort now, I’ll be sick of tomatoes by the middle of next month.

I will need to send the little one round to the neighbours, with “some presents”. Does anyone know a good ketchup recipe? 


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