Fantastic sunflowers

The sunflowers have all come out and are blooming from all angles. One thing that I did not do, was trim the side shoots off. I just let them grow however they wanted. 

In the case of the Autumn Beauty flower they are around 6 or 8 feet tall and spread out around 5 feet across the middle.  With the shoots growing sideways, they are producing very many large red and yellow flowers. 

For the large yellow sunflower they are growing over 10 feet tall and do not generally exhibit any major side shoots. Although there is a large yellow sunflower at the very top there is usually only one or two flowers on the whole plant. 

These tallest sunflower seems to require more care and attention than the Autumn Beauty type. It is so big I have had to use bamboo canes to hold it up, to stop it toppling over in the wind. This seems like a lot of effort for a single flower. Maybe I should stick to the Autumn Beauty types. 


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