Digging up the last of the beetroot

For about 1 month I have not been to the allotment!  I haven’t been feeling up to going, I’ve been a bit under the weather… but today I motivated myself. 

When I arrived outside the gates the village was running a WWI and WWII themed day : the village at War. I had to get permission from the WWI armed sentry guards on the checkpoint gate to get into the car park. 

The allotment was fairly overgrown, but not as bad as expected.  I pulled up all of the beetroot some of which were getting very large and some of which were getting eaten by slugs,  but most of which were excellent.

Probably there were 30 or 40 beetroot.  I kept five or six for myself and gave the rest away to other allotment holders, members of the public who were visiting the village day,  and the rest went to the staff at the main entrance (see photo). 

I completed a little bit of maintenance by strapping up bamboo canes to hold up the very largest sun flowers.  I pulled up most of the weeds from the potato patch (the potato flowers have all died back now)  and just as I was about to do a little more weeding, the weather turned, so I packed up and headed off home.

Not a bad 3 hours really. And I don’t feel as bad now. 


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