The very first cucumbers of the year

I haven’t been to the allotment for over two weeks. In fact, in the past month I’ve been quite sloppy,  but the allotment seems to have managed itself quite well without me. The sunflowers have now grown to their full height and one of them is taller than the garden wall probably 10 feet tall. 

But the  biggest surprise of all were the two full-sized cucumbers that have grown in 2 weeks (while I have been away). I remember tying up the cucumber plants and training them across horizontal bamboo canes about two weeks ago,  and there was definitely nothing there at that time.  Probably the nicest surprise of all was the look on the little one’s face during the discovery: a cucumber growing! Then picked it for dinner!

The warm and wet weather  we have had over the past few weeks must have been the most perfect growing conditions for the cucumbers. 


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