More on tomatoes than the allotment

More on the tomatoes at home than time spent at the allotment this week. I suppose I did pick up some potatoes at the garden centre this weekend — something to plant for Christmas, and I did pass the allotment in the car and thought about going to pick some more beetroot. Still. More time spent on the tomatoes at home than at the allotment is definitely correct. 

I don’t really know what I am doing. Somewhere in the back of my brain is a suggestion to remove the lower leaves from the tomato plant. So more light can get to the tomatoes and ripen them? Probably. Sounds correct. And no more than 3 trusses per branch? Ok. Snip off the growth between branch forks. That’s a definite rule I know. Cut off the suckers  that sprout between the forks of the plant.. Does that inhibit extra growth and concentrate energy on main tomato crop. Does that make sense? Maybe. Let’s try that. 

Those are the rules I have followed. Whether they are correct or not, I am not sure. Let’s see in a couple of weeks. 


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