Allotment bonfire

I have just had my very first allotment bonfire.  Sunday morning at 8 a.m.

This was to remove the big pile of weeds from the long allotment plot next to the wall.The weeds I had accumulated from clearing out the long plot over the past few weeks. 

The weeds burnt very easily because the weather has just finished a very long dry spell and so the fire easily took hold with only two matches. 

By the time I left the allotment at 11:30 a.m. the fire was still smoking and the embers were drying out last view forks full of weeds lying on top.  Once these slightly damp weeds from the bottom of the compost pile had dried out from the heat from the embers, they would ignite. 

While this was going on,  I mowed the grass around the edge of the allotment, pulled out some more weeds in my parsnip patch, and forked over the area that contained my onions from last week. 

The plot is looking as though somebody has been looking after it again, because a week or two of neglect had left it a little fuzzy around the edges and in need of a good tidy up. 

As I left this lunch time, I gave most of my beetroot away to the other allotment holders, a big box went to the Sunday girls in the main office, and a handful went to the ice cream seller who is outside the front gate every weekend. They were all very grateful and promised, among other things, to make borscht soup. I couldn’t ask for a better home for the beetroot. 


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