Emergency clear-out for the onion crops

I think that today was one of the hottest days of the year,  but tonight with the sun still up and very hot I made a special trip to the allotment to pick the onions and stop them from going soggy. 

The onion blight had really taken hold and destroyed around 10% of the crop. 

From the look of the onions as I pulled them up, only one variety has seen real susceptibility,  whereas the other seems to have survived a little better. But if I hadn’t  pulled them all out tonight then there would have been more casualties by the weekend.

I have taken to hanging them in the garage in bunches of 5, from bamboo canes strung up horizontally from the ceiling beams. I hope this will dry the onions out quickly and stop any more of them turning bad.

We will see. It’s all a big experiment.


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