Digging the new plot and potato flowers

It was another very early start on Sunday morning. The weather report said  30 degrees, and hot sunshine — this meant any proper digging work would have to start before the day got too warm.

I finished clearing all of the surface weeds from the long plot against the wall and I will probably need a bonfire next week to burn the pile of weeds I have created. The last quarter of the long plot  turned out to be very heavy going with a lot of tough binding roots just under the surface. I finished the digging by turning over the ground down to one fork level,  but I didn’t manage to clear all of the tough roots just under the surface,  that will have to happen later next year when I plant something like potatoes. 

The potatoes on the other plot are doing well. Some of the potato plants were grown from potatoes that started to sprout in the cupboard at home. For this reason there are around 3 types currently growing. Each potato plant has a different coloured flower. So far,  white, light  blue,  and pink. 


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