Blight has hit my onion patch… 

Thursday’s scouting trip had left me with the feeling I should take a proper look this weekend,  so I was down at the allotment by 7:30 Saturday morning. 

Everything got turned over and it looked a lot better after the weeds had been removed.  A closer inspection of the onions however showed onion blight –the leaves have started to turn brown and become slightly crispy and some of the bulbs have started to go rotten in the ground. 

After a discussion with some of the other allotment holders,  who have been there for decades,  they said this was a common problem for this allotment and it always starts in the corner and works it’s way across the whole of the field. The only solution is to pull them up and dry them out as best as possible because they will not last until September. 
I haven’t got time to do that job today so I will leave that for tomorrow morning, and I will prepare somewhere to dry the onions (probably in the garage at home) .  I will see if I can salvage as many as many onions as possible. 


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