Beetroot and bee stings

I found a wasp’s nest next to the wall but I didn’t realise I’d found it until 3 wasps were stuck to my forearm and stinging me.  I guess this is just several years worth of weed growth and now when I come to clear it all the creatures which have been using it as a home are not happy.

The rest of the allotments looks very good — the beetroot have swelled,  the onions are getting much bigger,  the rhubarb is looking good and the parsnips have got such a nice leafy head on them there are no weeds growing underneath: they will do excellently. 
I got to the allotment at 7:30am this morning — a beautiful Saturday was ahead of me.  Slightly boggy underfoot to start with because of last night’s rain, but by the time I left at 11:30am the ground had dried on the surface.

I am leaving the allotment with five very large beetroot and two very large sacks full of surface weeds from against the wall. It has been a very productive morning. 

I finished off by tying up the 3 remaining cucumber plants and training them across some horizontal canes. Then tying up my sunflowers against long vertical supports. One of the sunflowers had snapped halfway down and I didn’t want any of the others to snap needlessly because of a heavy downpour or large gust of wind.

The beetroot will do nice for my lunch today. 


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