Progress from against the wall

It’s a very warm and sunny Saturday down at the allotment. I’ve just spent 4 hours digging in the new area against the wall and removing some weeds from around the plants in the old plot.

The plot against the wall has been scorched and burnt by the weed killer like a scene out of Apocalypse Now.

I love the smell of Roundup in the morning…  It smells like..  Victory

I have cleared the majority of the surface weeds from the rhubarb and gooseberry plants all the way up to the compost box and around half of its side. What is left is a large pile of dried weeds next to my compost bin — probably I will split that up and burn it one evening.

I have made good progress in clearing the surface weeds and the next job will be to do the same on the opposite side of the compost box and clear that area in the same way.

In the cleared space I have transplanted about five large sunflowers up against the wall: they should grow really well in that area and fill that space nicely. This year I can easily weed and dig around them to keep that space clear.

Next year in this area I will plant (probably) potatoes as much as possible, the ground is full of scutch or couch grass and by digging my potatoes in, I will be also digging out the strong underground weeds.

It’s coming up to 13:30 and it’s a nice day, so I feel like a nice lunch coming on. Somewhere outside, maybe with a nice play area for the little one. All that is left to do before putting my feet up is to empty the weeds out of my car boot and have a shower and a clean change of clothes.

I couldn’t leave the allotment with just weeds however, so I picked some beetroot for the main office staff and collected a couple of strawberries which have managed to grow on my two strawberry plants. I’ll take those 2 strawberries back and get the little one to taste test them.

UPDATE: strawberry taste results are in and the verdict from the little tester is: “they are yummy in my tummy”


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