Picking the first beetroot of the season

Last night we did a quick trip to the allotment to pick some beetroot for the first time. Some of the beetroot had got very large, bigger than a large cooking apple in some cases and so we picked five — or at least the little helper picked five.


After helping we went to visit the garden cat who was very pleased to see us, and then a quick go on the rope swing before walking back through the allotment to the car.

It was a beautiful evening. It had been raining during the day and so the soil was quite wet still, but the grass had dried by the evening and the blue sky was out with the white clouds. The sun was shining and the birds were singing, there was a warm breeze swaying the trees — it was just a perfect summer evening to be outside.

Today I picked up some ingredients to make beetroot soup. I’ve got garlic, coconut milk and some stock cubes plus some bread. That will do for my tea tonight …


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