Four candles

Today is Sunday and I was at the allotment for 8:30am. By 9 o’clock I was well stuck into digging. Cleaning up against the wall.

The weed killer had done it’s job a little bit too well.
The place had been flattened and burnt to a crisp but at least it made clearing the surface weeds just a matter of scraping them away with my hand.

By the time the 11 o’clock bells started to chime in the clock house, I had more or less finished the patch of land that I wanted to complete today. Then I hit something under the ground with my fork and pushed a little bit too hard — it’s snapped and bent badly now.


I got my spade out and dug around what had snapped my fork and it was a large brick and the remains of a bench that has been there (probably 3 years ago). There was another part of this bench a little bit further down, so I was very careful for the rest of the dig and when I hit the second side of the bench under the ground at least I didn’t break anything else.

I popped out quickly to buy myself a new fork and then I went back and did the last bit of weeding around my onions and generally just some clearing up. Tidying things over so that it looked neat. Everything else seems to be doing fine, I had a taste of one of the kohlrabi  it was crunchy like an apple: I’ve never had one before.

Finally, on the way out of the allotment I called in at the main gate and gave two kohlrabi and four lettuce away to the staff in the main building.


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