Why you little blighters!

Tonight for two hours I managed to get some time at the allotment. It’s Thursday night and I did 6:30 to 8:30 in the evening — it was lovely perfect weather, the birds were out, the sun was warm and it was quiet and peaceful.

Some of the potato plants had grown 3 inches since I last went to the allotment at the weekend which is just incredible! and something else had grown also… the weeds!

Where I had cleared the weeds completely they had remained mostly clear. But where I had left a few small weeds they had taken over and left a carpet of green in between all of my vegetables. I spent the evening close up with all of my plants on my main allotment instead of doing some more clearing against the wall like I had planned.


It was lucky that I did because a closer examination of the kohlrabi showed an infestation of caterpillars, and they had been munching most of the leaves as well the little blighters.

I think I have removed all of the caterpillars and eggs from the kohlrabi, but they have left them with only half leaves in quite a few places. I will have to keep a close eye on them in future.

Before I went home tonight, I gave everything a good soaking with the hose pipe. It hasn’t rained like the weather forecast suggested, all week, so I’ve left the place in a much better state than it was. In fact I hadn’t even realised the allotment was in a bad state before I got there tonight. The growing period is really upon me this week for certain.


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