First against the wall

I did just over 4 hours down the allotment today and I made a good… fairly good… start on the new plot next to the wall.

I cleared away around four big sacks of surface weeds (which I just dumped further down) and then I forked over the small area I had cleared and pulled out another huge sack of couch grass weeds.

I only went down to one fork depth and that was enough for today. It means this is the first time this year I will be leaving the allotment to drive straight to the council tip to dispose of weeds!


For the last hour I got the hose pipe out and drenched the plants. The surface soil was very dry and beginning to crack in the heat, it was a beautiful sunny hot day and I was glad I had been working partly in the shade against the wall.

Overhead the air ambulance was on call again today. But inside the allotment it was quiet and peaceful. Even the weedy plots were showing nice flowers in places between the buttercups. It just right for little pickings.


Just before leaving I grabbed some of the new rhubarb on against the wall.

I had cleared around the gooseberry and rhubarb plants and I didn’t really want to leave the plot without picking something for tea.

It was very busy as I left the allotment through the main gates, the nice weather had brought everybody out and people were sat around in the pub garden and on the tables next to the National Trust tea rooms, eating ice cream and enjoying the good weather. I think that is what I will be doing this afternoon.


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