The kohlrabi are doing well this week

I didn’t quite get up as early as I could have this morning but I was at the allotment around 10:15 am.
I was on my own again for around 3 hours and then somebody from the opposite side of the allotments came in for a while. It was a fairly quiet time on a lazy Saturday.

I spent around four hours clearing up weeds between the plants; doing the borders; cutting the grass. I didn’t really even make a start on the new allotment like I had intended because over the past week everything has really started to grow fast.

I’ve really noticed the kohlrabi this week: it has changed over the past 7 days.

Onions are doing really well, the rhubarb keeps springing back every time I pull some stalks out, the potatoes are always pushing their way through and I have to cover them up every week, the beetroot are standing up really nicely and the parsnips have started to come along well over the last week.

Some of the first strawberries have started now, and at the end of my plot where I have planted some flowers two new sunflower plants have sprung up –they must have been seeded from last year — perhaps I will spread those two out next week.

The weather is really warm – it’s not sunny it’s overcast, but very bright. I think it is just perfect for the plants.

If the weather holds out I might come down again tomorrow and make a start on the new allotment plot… maybe. I hear the ice cream van calling and I might just enjoy the weather.


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