Anatomy of an unkept allotment plot

The new allotment can be seen at the very back at this picture, it stretches from the left — against the wall — all the way over to the far right of the image, and then a little bit off the page. It ends there at a tree. The far right of the plot really doesn’t get any good light. The rest of the ground does fairly well in the summer months: it is North facing.


On the left side of this long wall plot is a large rhubarb plant that currently has very very big stems growing (and they are ready to pick); then there is a gooseberry bush which is also well established. My next job will be to clear around those two plants.

In the middle is a large compost bin made out of corrugated iron and cornered by metal poles staked into the ground.  It is full of really excellent compost.  Out of the top of the bin is a large head of stinging nettles. Eventually, when the area is fully cleared out, I hope to use that compost, probably before dismantling the iron box and making better use of the space.

The rest of the area is made up of weeds. Lots and lots of weeds, mostly growing to waist height, but some, beyond head height.

Buttercups, brambles, nettles, dandelions, poppies, giant wild fennel, and plants I have never seen before. They shouldn’t be around for much longer since I soaked them with Roundup. Some of them have already started to turn brown.


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