Bank holiday weekend watering visit

It has been a fantastic few days, the weather has been hot and sunny and dry but because I have done most of my work at the allotment over the past few weeks there hasn’t been any real need to visit the plot over the long weekend.

I had to think up an excuse to pop in on Sunday evening after getting back from a day out with the family. I did need to water the plants… and to check out how things were going.

As I walked in through the entrance and past the main house, sheep were grazing on the meadow and everything was really quiet.

I spent just over an hour at the allotment tonight it was 8 o’clock when I got there and the bells were chiming 9 when I left — the sun had just dropped below the church. I was the only person there again tonight.

I covered the potatoes up again and then I began watering the allotment with the hose pipe. I spent about 40 minutes just drenching everything.


Everything is doing fine and there really isn’t anything to report: the parsnips are looking ok; the onions are coming on really strongly; the beetroot are looking good; also even the 7 cabbages that I planted just because I had a bit of space look as though they will do really well and; the kohlrabi are looking really strong I think I will do those again next year.

I suppose I must be reaping the rewards of my hard efforts from the last year when I spent the majority of my time digging up weeds, but I am finding the lack of work a little strange and so I am looking forward to starting the new plot.

I suppose I should really make a start on the back garden at home because it is a muddy mess with weeds all over the grass. Nothing like the allotment at all.


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