Just some weeding and grass cutting on Sunday

Just some weeding and grass cutting on Sunday. Three hours at the allotment was very easy going and actually not much effort. I arrived at 10am and left at 1pm, and all I really wanted to do was cut the borders and hoe out a few weeds. That was exactly what I did, so everything went to plan.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning.



Everything had grown amazingly in the last week. There had been some incredible downpours of rain during the week and the weather had suddenly got very warm: the plants had reacted to those perfect conditions and grown a lot.

Last weekend on Sunday we had a little picnic at the allotment and I had covered a few potatoes up, but just seven days later they had all come through.


The rest of the plot had done the same. The onions were growing really well and the beetroot were looking really healthy.


Neat little rows of each — allowing easy weeding in between with the hoe. I am glad now I spent time putting them in the ground in an orderly manner, a testament to using the same stick to measure distance.

The majority of the time at the allotment today was spent cutting the grass however. It was so tall I had to use the hand shears which explains why it took me 2 hours to complete. Once finished it looked much better and it was certainly in need of a hair cut.


The reason it had not been done earlier was because of a broken lawn mower. Somebody else on the allotment had broken the new petrol mower and had not owned up. They had just put it back into the shed and left it for the next person to find. That is bad form I think and after speaking to some of the committee members its something that has happened before.


After that last bit of tidying up, I took one last look round before setting off home to enjoy the rest of the day in the sun, and to take the little one out for ice-cream. As I passed the peas, I noticed that they were doing well also, so well in fact, one of the smaller plants had grown a pea pod already!


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