Sunny and warm this weekend

This weekend weather is superb. The temperature is around the 25 degree C level and the sun is blazing.

I got to the allotment just as the bells chimed 10 o’clock on Saturday.  I had a box full of cucumber plants that I wanted to put in today and there was some watering and weeding which needed to be done also. It had been fantastic weather all week but I had been too busy at work and been unable to make it in the evenings.

I spent around two and a half hours at the plot on Saturday morning, I must have spent around 45 minutes talking to other gardeners, so I can’t claim it was all work.


I prepared the last small strip of land remaining on the allotment and planted six cucumber plants — different varieties.  Five of them had been bought at the garden center last week as seedlings and only one had been grown from seed (closest in the photo). That will take special care.

The other plants grown from seed didn’t make it in the back garden at home. The slugs ate them as I was trying to harden them up. I will know better next time… I should have known better, the same thing happened to the sweet corn last year.


Some more of the rhubarb was also ready again — the stems easily pulled out. They were taken home to be roasted and reduced for rhubarb crumble. I don’t think that desert can go wrong in any way.


The remaining work on the allotment was just some small weeding tasks between the rows of beetroot, covering some of the potatoes that the warm weather had started to push through and then I watered the whole plot thoroughly.

There had been no rain all week and the ground was hard in a few areas. I soaked the onion lines which had started to grow small green shoots and drenched and fed the potato lines. The kohlrabi looked quite happy and the sunflowers seemed to be growing quite well.

It seems as though the hard work I put in last year has paid off. The whole of the plot has now been planted up and the number of weeds is quite manageable without much effort.


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