Bank holiday box full of peas, parsnips and sunflowers

Today is bank holiday Monday and I have a spare couple of hours during the day to plant my peas (which my mum gave me grown from seed), my parsnips which I bought from the garden centre as seedlings and my sunflowers which I grew from last year’s seeds.


So far I’ve planted the parsnips in a small area next to the grassy patch in the middle of the plot, and I’ve planted my sunflowers in the same sort of area that they were in last year — at the end of the allotment so that they don’t overshadow the rest of the plants when they grow 10 feet tall.

Just as I was about to put the peas in the ground, the rain arrived, so I sheltered in a shed at the far end of the allotment until the worst of it passed. As I was sat in there quietly, a blackbird had the same idea and joined me out of the rain — for about 30 seconds — until it had finished off a worm.


The time was 2pm in the afternoon when I sheltered in the shed with the blackbird, so the forecast was quite accurate today.


The peas only took half an hour to put in the ground in the end.  But then the rain started again so I retreated back into the shed to wait it out. Just as I was waiting for the rain to stop I looked out to see a big fat pigeon flying down and landing right near my peas. It had been hovering around all afternoon and I had seen it on other people’s plots earlier.

I will go to the garden centre this afternoon and get some netting just to put it off.Only 2 hours at the allotment today. I arrived just after midday and left at 14:30, just before the heavens opened up. Fairly easy going.


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