First onion sets gone in tonight

I had a spare hour this evening after getting back from work. The weather was fantastic all day – pure sunshine all day. I got to the allotment at around 6:45pm and stayed for about an hour.


There was a small strip of land in the centre on the plot that was just right for my first onions. Just after the rhubarb line and before the last of the grass. It only took about 45 minutes to fork over the strip and rake it flat then push in some onions.


I didn’t really read the labels on the packets and I guess I’ve mixed up some of the lines, but I will just have to wait until they grow to find out how much got mixed up.

I used the remaining time to water the rest on the plot. Everything got a good soaking because it is not forecasted to rain until the weekend. As I was packing up the hosepipe the church bells rang 8pm. I had done well enough this evening but I still have another set of onions, pea plants and cucumber plants to grow.. They will have to wait for another day.


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