Gifts for the allotment

My Mum has given me several seedlings in pots which she has grown from seed. Most notably cucumber plants, pea plants and some Tumbling Tom tomatoes (probably).


The peas will probably sit on my window still for another weekend, until I get some time to build a frame to protect them from the hungry birds at the allotment.

Last year was a disaster for peas at the allotment – nobody had any luck with them. Worth putting a frame and protection in place first I think.


The cucumber plants did exceptionally well last year and the two of three seedlings that I have been given will be planted, in anticipation of getting a few more seedlings from the garden centre later on. A staggered approach on these I think.

Also I have quite a few seeds from last year and have recently been given another collection of seeds from somebody else. These will need some sorting out.


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