The first planting of 2016

Last Monday was the tail end of the Easter holidays and I had time to go visit the local garden center to pick up some seedlings ready for the next time I can go to the allotment.


Beetroot and parsnips mainly.

Several days later …
At the allotment after work on Friday at last.. the week had been fairly rainy and busy at work. I hadn’t been able to go after work all week and although I made a special effort at the end of the week I still only managed to get a couple of hours in.


It took some digging over, flattening out and then planting.

At least the nights are getting longer now the clocks have changed an hour. It’s now eight o’clock and the sun has just dropped below the horizon. It will be dark in a matter of minutes.

I have just packed up after planting some of my beetroot. I only had time for two of the cases of seedlings but I got around six rows out of them.


In the remaining list of things to do now, there are the kohlrabi, the parsnips, the onion sets and the potatoes which have been chitting nicely for the past week in the airing cupboard.


Rocket variety, first earlies.
I should be able to get lots done next weekend. Hopefully.


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