Sunday morning after the AGM (the hangman’s noose!)

When I arrived this morning there was a huge marquee in the main grounds before I got to the allotment.

Apart from that, things looked quiet. It was 9am on Sunday morning so there was nobody around.

As I walked through the grounds I met one of the office staff who works in the main entrance and they said it was an American production company filming a period drama in the main house (and in various buildings around the village). There was a set of gallows in the courtyard ready to start filming later in the week.


One of the other things that came out of the conversation was that other members of staff from the main office were also looking for allotments patches. After the AGM from last night there are bound to be more places available in the next month as people drop out towards April. I said as much and it looks like there could be some office staff going on the list for an allotment plot now.


One more thing that we discussed was a plant called Kohlrabi. A German cabbage type of plant and something that is not really available in the supermarkets in the UK.

I said that it sounded very interesting and I have been looking for other things to grow. I think this would be something I would try this year

I am planning on having a section the plot just for growing things the Office staff have suggested. Last year I gave the majority of my potatoes and beetroot away so I think this year I will keep the majority of the produce I grow and save a section of the allotment to grow food specifically for the girls at the main entrance.

Suggestions so far are German kohlrabi and German yellow potatoes – these are things I will have to research.


I stayed at the allotment for about 1 hour and managed to clear up a small patch on the L-shaped piece of grass that remained from last year. It is only a small patch but it opens up the far end of the plot and will allow me to grow across the allotment at that point.

I had been waiting until this year to clear that small patch.

Next on my TODO list will be to transplant the horseradish plant which is acting like a weed in the middle of my plot. Hopefully the weather will be good enough on Saturday morning.


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