First day back

Not so bad really… Not compared to last year which took most of the year to sort out. This time it just needed some top weeds removing.


The weather had been pretty dry all week, starting from Monday. But the evenings were still too dark after work. I had to wait until the weekend.

Saturday morning arrived and I got to the allotment at 9am on the dot. The Radio 4 news was just starting when I drove up outside the gates.

The gardens leading to the entrance to the allotments had the seasonal flowers out.


There were a few people milling around but it was quiet. The allotment had nobody around for the first few hours and only one person dotted through for about 2 minutes. I had the place to myself and got a fair amount done.

After three and a half hours I had taken most of the top weeds off and dug over just past the half way mark. It was easy going on the digging and the weeds came out easily. But it always takes longer than I expect.

The part I finished looks a lot better now.


I had the chance to split one of the rhubarb plants and move it across into the centre. This would make a large strip through the middle of the allotment for a rhubarb patch – although this will take a few years yet before it is all ready.


The alarm on my phone sounded at 12:30 and spooked the robin which had been keeping me company.


Time was up. But if the weather holds out I will go again and finish the last half tomorrow.


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